Thursday, January 29, 2009

home improvements

So, while "renovations" are considered more Needs, I suppose that "improvements" are more along the Wants. Really, really, really wants.
  1. DOG!!! (this list is in no particular order, but I wanted to be clear that this is high on the list of priorities) :)
  2. King Size Bed
  3. Bed Frame
  4. Refrigerator (stainless steel, double door...)
  5. Porch Swing
  6. Entertainment Center
  7. 42" Plasma LCD Flat Screen HD TV
  8. new MAC for photo editing
  9. new laptop for downstairs
  10. new doorknob for the front door (Uncle Brian?)
  11. Console table for behind the couch
  12. Wingback chair & ottoman for Dining Room
  13. Bookcase for Guest Room
  14. Bedside tables for bedroom
  15. Mirror for bedroom
  16. New rug for Master Bedroom
  17. Rug for Dining Room
  18. Rug for Guest Room
  19. Rug for Office
  20. Frames for Gallery Wall
  21. Frames for Un-Calendar
  22. (2) more air conditioner window units
  23. New Washer/Dryer combo


bakeet14 said...

I forget if we gave them both away, but I think we may have an extra air conditioning window unit. If so, it's yours -- we have central air now, thank God.

BeccaT said...

Oh, that would be great!! Thankfully those sweltering summer months are still relatively far away...

Josh said...

How did they install the central? I've thought about it for the house, but it would require narrow ducts.